Land Preparation

We are pleased to report that the property of the OM Apartments project in Canggu is now ready for geodetic study.

In order to prepare the site for precise geodetic measurements, we went through a laborious process of clearing the site of overgrowth and debris as part of our dedication to quality and precision. In order to conduct accurate geodetic research, a clear, level area is essential, so we carefully cleared the area. Our hard-working staff spent hours clearing away any garbage, bushes, or other vegetation that would have compromised the precision of the measurements.

In addition to improving the aesthetic appeal, clearing the area made it possible to conduct geodetic research in a secure and unhindered setting. To guarantee that the surveyors could access the entire site and collect precise data to guide our construction designs, we made sure that all traces of overgrowth were eliminated.

The area has been removed, providing the geodetic research team with a clean slate on which to work. Their measurements will give us crucial data, such as heights, separations, and borders, allowing us to efficiently plan and build the OM Apartments.

To make sure that our project complies with topographical and legal standards, geodetic research is essential. The information gathered will be used to guide the location of buildings, roads, and utilities, maximizing both the practicality and beauty of the community we are creating.

As we go, we are eager to see how the geodetic research turns out and to use the results in our development strategies. This comprehensive approach strengthens our dedication to completing a project of the highest caliber, where each detail is carefully planned and carried out.

For updates on the development of the OM Apartments project, keep an eye on our website and social media pages. As we develop this cleared land into a dynamic community that combines contemporary living with Bali’s stunning natural surroundings, we look forward to sharing new advancements.

We want to thank our hardworking staff for their efforts in cleaning the area and getting it ready for geodetic study. Their dedication and knowledge have played a crucial role in building OM Apartments’ successful foundation.

We appreciate your participation in our journey. We are collectively reshaping Canggu’s real estate market, one methodical step at a time.


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