international Collaboration

We're pleased to update you on the development of the OM Apartments in Canggu.

We have designed the OM Apartments using their collective knowledge, fusing modern design with Canggu’s natural beauty. The Ukrainian experts and the English architect have combined their technical proficiency, design sensibility, and global influences to produce a genuinely remarkable living environment.

Our collaboration with gifted specialists from Ukraine and an English architect has given the design phase a new viewpoint, leading to breathtaking visuals and avant-garde architectural conceptions.

Our worldwide staff makes sure that every aspect of OM Apartments is well thought out by using the most recent design trends and sustainability practices. The collaboration of these professionals ensures a seamless fusion of functionality and elegance from the outer facade to the interior layouts.

Our team has produced lifelike renderings that demonstrate the envisioned elegance of OM Apartments using cutting-edge rendering software. These images give stakeholders a compelling view into the project’s future while acting as a potent tool for communicating the design objective.

By working together with our international experts, OM Apartments has reached new heights and adopted a global viewpoint while still preserving Bali’s unique local charm. Their innovative ideas and technological mastery have raised the bar for opulent living in Canggu.

Keep up with us as we bring architectural ideas to life at OM Apartments by following us on our website and on social media. Take a look at how our skilled team collaborated internationally to bring this amazing project to life.

The English architect and the Ukrainian experts are acknowledged for their commitment and essential services. Their combined knowledge and insight have molded the OM Apartments’ design language, cementing its status as the height of architectural brilliance.

We appreciate your participation as we embark on this remarkable journey to turn OM Apartments into a work of living art.


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