Building Permit

Our team is painstakingly creating the working documentation in cooperation with our contractor.

After the design process was finished and our acclaimed contractor was chosen, we have now reached the critical stage of creating the working documentation required to secure a building permit. At OM Apartments, we place a high priority on following the law and make sure that every component of our development complies with the strictest requirements.

As it details the particular plans, requirements, and technical specifications for the construction of our structure, the creation of thorough working documentation is crucial to this procedure. In this phase, the architectural designs are converted into exact technical drawings, thorough construction plans, and extensive specifications.

Working documentation preparation serves a variety of functions. It makes sure that every element of the construction project—from the structural components to the electrical and plumbing systems—is precisely captured. Along with ensuring compliance with local building standards and laws, this documentation aids in securing the required permits and approvals from the appropriate authorities.


We keep a sharp emphasis on quality, accuracy, and attention to detail throughout this procedure. The working documentation is carefully examined and improved by our team of professionals to make sure it reflects our vision for OM Apartments. We hope to provide a documentation bundle that not only satisfies legal requirements but also acts as a thorough manual for the efficient construction of our project by utilizing their knowledge and experience.

We are aware of how crucial it is to get the building permit as soon as possible because it serves as the formal approval to start the construction stage. Working together with the appropriate authorities and supplying all required paperwork and information, our committed staff is committed to accelerating the permission application process.

om-apartment-news-10We are still committed to transparency and keeping you informed as we move through this critical phase. For regular updates on the creation of functioning documentation and the overall development of OM Apartments, we encourage you to follow us on our website and on social media.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the architects, engineers, and consultants on our team for their knowledge and commitment throughout this stage. They pay close attention to every little thing, and their dedication to quality ensures that our working documentation is up to par.

We appreciate your support as we get closer to the completion of OM Apartments. We are creating a development in Bali that is an example of quality, creativity, and luxury living together.


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